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Science Friday Educate

These resources are free and are prepared by the Science Friday Educator Collaborative to bring hands-on science investigations to the classroom. Find the science behind the weekly NPR radio show.



NewsELA is a collection of nonfiction current event articles that can be viewed at 5 different lexile levels! There are quizzes available as well as settings for Elementary Students. You will need to create an account in order to view the entire articles as well as to create classes.

Access Directions: After opening the site, you can create your own user account. You can also choose the NewsELA for Elementary students which will pull up more age appropriate content for our younger students.

ASU Professional Learning Library

This resource is provided through the Mary Lou Fulton Teacher College at ASU. It is a searchable and interactive database of resources for classroom instruction and professional learning. Some resources are available without an account, but the accounts are free and enable you to access the entire collection as well as organize and save resources.

Grand Canyon University Professional Resources

Best Websites for Teaching and Learning, 2014

Get a jump start on learning! Check out some of these recommended Websites for teachers and students, courtesy of the American Association of School Librarians. 

Learn 360


Learn 360 allows teachers to access high quality video resources for use in the classroom. Teachers can also set up assignments for classes and students which include quizzes or other interactive media.

Access Directions: In order to use the resources, each teacher/staff member must create a user account using a school-specific passkey. You can email Marguerite Dimiceli in Tech Training for the link or the pass code.

Newsletter! Once you get an account you can receive the Learn 360 Monthly Newsletter that highlights timely content, webinars and new features. 

Do you need Professional Journal Articles?

There are a number of ways you can get journal articles on a particular topic. The easiest is to call Ms. Armbruster @ 602.347.4109 or email her at linda.armbruster@wesdschools.org

Click here to find out how to go about Obtaining Professional Resources at Mountain View School.

We are also in the process of developing a Staff Library, Study and Meeting space in the library. Stop by to see the progress!

Activities for Integrating Math and Science (AIMS)

Hands-on Math and Science from AIMS
Click here to get some great activities that integrate Math and Science in hands-on, inquiry based-activities.

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SubjectSite NameDescription
SubjectSite NameDescription
General Brooke Bessesen - author Brooke is a naturalist who has written several books. Her site contains lots of pictures from her adventures. 
Social Studies Culture Grams This site contains information on the United States and other countries. Very student friendly. User name & password: mountainviewelem 
Research Searchasaurus Research sites with Lexile levels available. User name WESD & password WESD 
Language Arts Novelist Listing of fiction literature. Great site for new ideas. User name WESD & Password is WESD 
Research Kid's Search Research sites available with Lexile levels available. User name WESD & password WESD. 
Research Biography Reference Center Biography Reference Center: Biographies with Lexile available on text. User name WESD & password WESD. 
Science Science References 5-8 Good internet site links with Lexile levels 
General Khan Academy Great site with lessons for math & science. If you have a student who needs one on one go to this site. 
Language Arts Children's Book-a-day Almanac Find a great book for each day of the year! Learn about the author's and their stories, too. 
Research http://catalog.data.gov/dataset This US governmet prtal offers thousands o different collections o data which can be used for research. The filters on the left side of the page can help get you started. 
General National Day Calendar Recognitions for every month of the year. 
Showing 11 items