Obtaining Professional Resources

If you are in need of research or professional resources on a particular topic, there are several ways you can get these. Look at the options below to find your materials.

Arizona State Library Databases

These databases are provided by the Arizona State Library to residents of the state of Arizona. Here's how to access them:

1. Click on this link to the Arizona State Digital Library. Click on Databases. (Make sure to check out the other digital resources, though!)

2. Pick your Database and search away.

NOTE: Some articles are not available through this portal. If you email the name of the article or the subject to linda.armbruster@wesdschools.org, I can get the article from the Library at ASU West.

ASU West On-Campus Access

This requires a couple of steps, but is free and has a much wider access level than the State Library.

Search through the ASU Library catalog and locate the items you want. Email the request to linda.armbruster@wesdschools.org and I will have them for you in 24 -72 hours depending on the item.

Feel free to call 602-347-4109) with questions or requests.

Just CALL!

Or email! Let me know what your question or topic is and I will hunt down your resources for you!

Phone: 602-347-4109